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  • The power of small things

    Wow. It is incredible what is possible when you get a couple hundred ladies together for 2 short hours. We recently pulled off our annual Girls Night Out at the store. A good time was had by all: giveaways at the door, makeovers, a mini fashion show, random prizes, scarf tying, great snacks and tasty drinks. Energy was flying high.

    BUT. The very best thing that comes from these fun evenings is the way everyone comes together to support our local women’s shelter. A few of our vendors donate items for our Grand Prize, we sell raffle tickets for $2 each and at the end of the night the lucky winner is drawn. It’s a lot of fun, but the best part is seeing what a difference can be made for others in such a short time. This year we were able to send a note of encouragement along with a $500 check to the women’s shelter. 

    It’s just a small thing really, but aren’t we all capable of some such small thing? And when we gather these small things up together they turn into something much bigger.

    What small thing can YOU do in your day - at work, at the grocery store or even at home to make a difference? Something as small as a smiling at a stranger at the post office, holding the door open, or asking someone in customer service how their day is going. These are all small things, but we really have no idea how that one friendly (and probably unexpected) moment will effect someone else. And who knows? Maybe your small moment will inspire a small thing in that person’s life and on it will go.