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  • Downsized dining

    Gone are the days when every house had a separate dining room. A lot of families have found that the way we live today doesn’t lend itself to this layout any longer. Of course, there are still some homes where the traditional format works best, with a gracious dining room calling for larger-scale dining furniture. 

    But for many of us – either by choice or necessity – downsized living is the way to go. At Over the Fence we are huge fans of small living. We believe home is what you make it. And where you make it!

    Small living does not have to equate small style. There are so many great choices available now to help maximize storage and good use of space.

    • Good lighting is key. Turn to lamps for one of the quickest ways to make a great change.
    • Mirrors will reflect any natural light, making the room feel larger.
    • Using large artwork in a small space can create a great effect. It's surprising how the right big piece can be much more effective than a few small things.
    • Choosing each piece of furniture carefully will make sure you are getting the most out of your square footage. Consider each one and ask yourself if it deserves the space. Is it hard-working? Is it serving the need of that space? Does it add to the room rather than detract or create a problem? When space is at a premium, each piece needs to be thoughtfully considered.
    Come on in and let's explore the possibilities of downsizing!